New Yorks Best Wood Floors

With over 20 years in the wood floor business Medallion Wood Floors LLC will be able to fulfill All of your flooring needs for your next project. Send us AN email or just call for an appointment Today !!


The Process: Call Us, make an appointment for an in home measure. Speak to a wood flooring expert on the phone and see how we can help your particular situation. We will then come to your apartment and measure, taking a few pictures if needed and making special notes regarding your project. We can have a written estimate delivered to your email in the next couple of days. You will be given a QUOTE with AN approximate completion date.

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Master Crafts·Man·Ship !!

Every Cut Counts !! Typical Co-Op jobs in NYC can be a challenge, you have to bring your 'A' game and make sure you do all your homework before your official start date. Medallion Wood Floors LLC is dedicated to giving you the best of the best when it comes to a new wood floor installation.

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honesty, uprightness, rectitude, honor, honorableness, upstandingness, good character, principle(s), ethics... WOW, we nailed this one. I understand nobodies perfect but Integrity goes a long way with contractor work in NYC


email is a great way to get ahold of us, we will try to respond in a timely manner, thank you